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A little about me


I Sigal Rak Viente (Siglona) is an illustrator and designer.

I have been a graphic designer and user experience designer for years and over time I realized that I have an endless passion to express feelings, ideas and concepts through illustrations. I studied digital illustration in continuing studies at Bezalel in Tel Aviv and during the Corona I had a need to illustrate on a daily basis and that's how the Sigluna brand was created. 

My biggest inspiration is my family; My dear husband and two beautiful children!

I really like simplicity and ideas, so my illustrations are conceptual, minimalist and in black and white. Each illustration brings an idea and is gently illustrated with a lot of attention and I really hope you like it :)

You can read more here:An article about the book in Portfolio magazine

Interview in Portfolio magazine  |Interview in Legit magazine


I'm always interested in new projects so if you would like to collaborate or order special illustrations please contact me by email Or on mobile .

You can pay via Bit, credit card or PayPal on this site. 

 Happy you came for a visit!

Sigal Headshots-7770.png

my roommate

I illustrate the illustrations digitally with Adobe software.  

  Works on a Mac and is connected to a big screen and uses a vacuum graphics board and the first opinion I get from Johnny who really likes the studio :)


During 2020 following the corona I started to illustrate things that influenced me or my worldview over time the political situation also influenced me and I went out to demonstrate many illustrations and still illustrates on political issues as well.  

I think it is possible and must change and I try to participate in demonstrations, bridges and intersections and through the illustrations to encourage change and improvement of the situation in Israel.

Illustration gallery

תמונה של סיגלונה בהפגנה עם האיורים
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