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It's not all black and white

  An original autobiographical illustrated journal



Graphic journal - publications

An autobiographical illustrated journal

Interview in Portfolio magazine:

Two years after she finished, Sigal Rak-Viente decided to publish a book that brings together everyday illustrations she created during the Corona period. Together, the illustrations create an autobiographical diary that is relevant to that period and reminds us all of situations and feelings that we can identify with

Shaked Bashan, a columnist in Haaretz newspaper, wrote:

"Not everything is black and white - it is a graphic-autobiographical diary, original, poignant and thought-provoking. The illustrations, which were published for the first time on Siglona's Facebook page, move from reality to the realms of fantasy and absurdity and hold a dialogue with the social effects of the Corona in a way that captivates and evokes empathy, and between the lines they pass criticism here and there.


Mom Sweet Mom


׳One after One׳

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